AIDA 2 (level 1) 


3.900.000 IDR


3.120.000 IDR


"Awesome work mate thanks alot for the course. I have learned alot of valuable information which probably saved my life. 10/10"

          - Blake W, Australia


This is probably the most challenging and rewarding AIDA course. For those who are already confident in the open water this course is your starting point. The course builds a foundation of good technique and safety so that you can buddy with other AIDA 2* freedivers.


  • Minimum Age: 16

  • Open Water Training: 3 sessions

  • Pool Training: Static session + Dynamic Session

Successful completion of this course results in an International Certification from AIDA.

To become a certified AIDA 2 star freediver you will be required to perform a 2 minute breath-hold, swim 40 m underwater with fins and dive to 12m in the open water.The correct skills and techniques will be taught throughout the course to assist you in achieving these goals.


Course Content Will Cover:

  • Different freedive disciplines

  • The physiology and principles of freediving

  • The importance of never freediving alone and the role of the dive-buddy

  • Correct preparation and application of breath-hold (apnea)

  • Supportive swimming techniques

  • Recognising the warning signs and symptoms, avoiding and reacting to blackout and “samba” (loss of motor control)

  • Being efficient and proactive in emergency rescue

  • Safety protocols for competition and leisure freediving and spearfishing

  • Keys to targeting and planning training sessions

  • The difference between a depth session and a spearfishing session

  • Equipment required for freediving

  • How one needs to breathe before and after a dive

  • Why relaxation is one of the most important aspects of freedive training and how to be relaxed underwater.

  • Different equalisation techniques

  • Preventing pressure injuries (barotraumas)



All our AIDA courses include International AIDA certification fees and all equipment you need.

Price: 3.120.000 IDR (2 days)- 20% discount

Special Package:
AIDA 2 + 4 1on1 private coached dives: 8.200.000 IDR (6 days)

One on one Personal AIDA 2 course: $ 8.700.000 IDR


Prerequisite certification: None

Course Length: Two Days (from 9.00 to 17.00)