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... and let's talk about freediving!

Ocean Prana prides itself on delivering world class freediving courses in Bali, Indonesia, lead by instructor-trainer Yoram Zekri, who is a former world vice-champion of freediving and French national multi-record holder with more than 30 years of experience in the freediving world.


A note from Yoram Zekri – Freediving Instructor Trainer

One Breath… To Have And To Hold…

Freediving is the art of controlling your breath underwater, which ultimately allows you the freedom to enjoy the beauty and silence of the underwater world.

Let’s face it, life moves fast with our work, our social lives and our commitments all intertwined, keeping us wired.
THIS sport allows us to release all of these life stresses, to immerse ourselves in a world so foreign to us, yet actually when you think about it so close to our origins of being immersed in liquid from the day we were created.

Freediving takes us back to our roots. We bring back that effortless, weightless feeling of being surrounded by water, and with dedicated practice of skills and techniques to improve our lungs amplitude we may consider this sport our “go to” exit from life’s daily stresses. Drawing techniques from yoga and meditation learn to evolve into responsible freedivers.

It is through the art of freediving safely that allows for spear-fishing to reach greater results from fishing dives. Freediving has proven to be an ideal sport-supplement to assist in the physical and mental performance for various other sports, such as surfing, martial-arts, triathlon etc.

Yes, Freediving is a relatively innovative water sport and it is through safe methods and training that it is rapidly becoming a lifestyle exercise of choice.

Join the water shift – glide with us into a new world of being.

Live the blue – One breath – To have and to hold…


Jemeluk bay, Amed, Kerangasem, Bali

WhatsApp number:

+62 812 3765 2887


Ocean Prana was founded by Yoram Zekri. As former World vice-champion of freediving and French National champion multi-record holder, Yoram was among the world elite of this discipline.

He is a scuba diving instructor and AIDA Freediving Instructor Trainer for more than 24 years and shares his experience and knowledge in special courses throughout the world.

After developing the sport of Freediving for 15 years in Tahiti – French Polynesia and Sydney – Australia, YORAM ZEKRI has relocated in BALI – INDONESIA and founded OCEAN PRANA in 2016.

Yoram is also a motivational public speaker, sharing his experience during conferences and corporate events. 

His Personal Best

  • Static Apnea (STA): 6’05

  • Dynamic Apnea (DYN): 155m

  • Constant Weight (CWT): 70m

  • Constant Weight No Fins (CNF): 55m

  • Free Immersion (FIM): 78m

  • Variable Weight (WVT): 107m

  • No Limits (NLT): 141m

Achievements Of Yoram Zekri

  • Gold medal of the Australian Depth Nationals Championship CNF category in 2018 in Bali

  • Overall Winner of the Australian Depth Nationals Championship in 2016 in Bali

  • Vice-World Champion in October 1996 in St. Jean Cap Ferrat

  • French National Record : -60 metres “Variable Weight” in June 1996

  • French National Record : -70 metres “Variable Weight” in August 1997

  • French National Record : -80 metres “Variable Weight” in September 1997

  • Demonstration : -120 metres “No Limit” in Moorea in November 2001

  • French Champion by team in May 1998 in conjunction Static / Constant Weight

  • GOLD Medal : -58 metres “Constant Weight” to the french selections for the international competition in Egypt “Red Sea Dive Off”

Ocean Prana Freediving course Bali Yoram Zekri

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Yoram’s Philosophy – Why Freedive With Ocean Prana?

Freediving is Yoram’s way of life. Since the age of 12 he believed that this extraordinary sport would catapult him towards a career close to the water… and so his child-hood dream was realized.

To this day Yoram has never stopped his love and passion for Freediving whether it be competing at an elite level or educating around the globe including Tahiti, USA, Canada, Israel, Australia and now Bali.

Upon achieving the Internationally recognized level of Instructor Trainer under AIDA federation, Yoram stands alone as the only Instructor Trainer throughout Australia, and is one of less than 30 Instructor Trainers world-wide.

Yoram’s philosophy on freediving is simple but profound: Safety is paramount!

Anyone can freedive, in fact every instructor can show you techniques to achieve a longer breath-hold, however not everyone freedives responsibly. Yoram always trains and supervises all Ocean Prana’s Instructors and they will no doubt push you to achieve greatness in the water, however at the forefront of his training syllabus is his teaching of quality protocols and standards to ensure the highest level of safety for all freedivers, both recreationally and in competition.

“I gain the most job satisfaction when I witness my students achieve their PB’s and surface ‘clean’. That is the ultimate sign of a successful and responsible freediver. On the other hand, repeatedly pushing oneself to the point of near ‘blackout’ doesn’t make for an authentic sport at all, that is simply the height of neglect and disrespect to your wellbeing. When we free dive safely by understanding the physiology of this sport and through the correct application of safety techniques alongside our safety buddy, only then are we TRUE FREEDIVERS” – Yoram Zekri

Ocean Prana Freediving course Bali AIDA

Our Education System: What Is AIDA?

AIDA is a Worldwide Federation for breath-hold diving, established in 1992. AIDA manages and oversees the recognition of records, organises competitions ands sets the standars for freedive education. Since 1993, AIDA International has officiated more than 250 Official World Records.

Apart from being the global authority for competitive freediving, AIDA International has over the years become the focal point for development of freediving knowledge and science. Recognising the value of this knowledge for the development of modern freediving, AIDA has created a structured education system and is the World leading freediving organisation dedicated to the safe practice of breath-hold diving in its various forms.

World’s Leading Freediving Course

IMPORTANT: Do Not Book Any Freediving Course Unless They Can Answer These Simple Question

Does your freediving school founder have more that 34 years experience in freediving, including world class competition?
All freediving schools have approximately the same course content regarding the physiology, safety and techniques of freediving… What makes a huge difference between each school is the experience and knowledge of the sport that your instructor can share with you.

With more than 27 years in the world of freediving including 12 years at world level competition and 17 years working as a freediving instructor, Yoram is one of the most experienced freedivers globally and is more than happy to share with you his experiences, himself or though his instructors, including triumphs and failures. By Yoram sharing his experience as a freediver over the past 2 decades will allow you to avoid common traps and unnecessary difficulties of this sport and enable you to enjoy faster and safer progression.

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