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I started with swimming when I was 8 and then I passed my first level of scubadiving when I was 12. Then at 13, I watched the movie “The Big Blue” and from then I dedicated my whole life to freediving.

I teach freediving since 1997 but now I am more in the managing side of Ocean Prana. However, I always make sure that our Ocean Prana’s instructors deliver the highest standards in term of freediving education and I still teach the more advanced courses AIDA 4 (level 3) and AIDA Instructor Course.


 Through our Ocean Prana Instructors or myself, we will always make sure that you beneficiate 32 years of experience in the freediving world.



The ocean enchanted me and inspired me since my early childhood. The closer I was to the ocean, the more I wanted to know about it, so I started exploring its vibrating vitality also by scuba diving and freediving. The fascination for the marine environments brought me back to university to study marine biology, achieving a master degree in marine sciences. At the same time I became a scuba instructor. However I perceived freediving as the most natural way to explore the underwater world in complete freedom. I also realized the never-ending process of self- discovery and self-development entailed with it, which influenced positively my overall well-being. I always practised sports, but the holistic approach of freediving and its deep connection with yoga and meditation makes it unique among all, with many therapeutic outcomes as well. For these reasons I finally quit scuba diving committing myself full time as a freediving instructor. 




발리 오션프라나에서 활동중인 EJ강사 입니다.

지구의 70%가 바다라는 사실을 알고 그 바다가 궁금하여 시작하게 된 프리다이빙!! 그것을 통해 만난 바다는 제 삶의 일부를 바꿔놓을 정도로 신비롭고 아름다웠고 늘 설레이는 존재입니다. 또한 프리다이빙을 통해서 온전한 나를 만날 수 있었고, 자유로움과 용기, 그리고 겸손을 배웠습니다. 그 신비하고 아름다운 경험을 여러분 모두에게 안전하고 즐겁게 안내해 드리겠습니다.

When I knew that 70% of the Earth is the ocean, I wondered how was it and wanted to discover it.  I started freediving which is the simplest way to be part of the Ocean itself!!

The ocean that I met through Freediving was mysterious and beautiful enough to change part of my life, and it is always taking my heart. Also I was able to meet myself through freediving, and I learned freedom, courage, and humility. So I will guide you through mysterious and beautiful experiences in  the best safe and happy ways. 



I discovered freediving through an interest in meditative and clear states of mind. Combining this with the fact that freediving is simply also an unbelievably fun thing to do, I immediately realised that it was going to grow into a real addiction and something I wanted to keep on practicing forever.

So I started diving intensively in the cold and dark quarrys in Belgium, travelling to warmer waters a couple of times per year to do some decent depth training and to explore the warm, blue ocean.

That's where I finally knew freediving was never going to disappear from my life.


For me, there is just no better feeling than being embraced by the big blue from all directions, completely peaceful and in the moment.

I can now also bring these experiences to you, so let me teach you how!