I started with swimming when I was 8 and then I passed my first level of scubadiving when I was 12. Then at 13, I watched the movie “The Big Blue” and from then I dedicated my whole life to freediving.

I teach freediving since 1997 but now I am more in the managing side of Ocean Prana. However, I always make sure that our Ocean Prana’s instructors deliver the highest standards in term of freediving education and I still teach the more advanced courses AIDA 4 (level 3) and AIDA Instructor Course.


 Through our Ocean Prana Instructors or myself, we will always make sure that you beneficiate 32 years of experience in the freediving world.





우리네 일상을 조금 바꿔보고 싶다면, 프리다이빙을 한번 만나보세요. 주변을 맴돌던 복잡하고 소란스러웠던 것들이, 내 안에서 놀랍도록 잠잠해지는 걸 경험하실 수 있을거예요. 주변 눈치보며 남과 나 자신을 비교만 해오던 제 삶 속에서, 프리다이빙을 만나고 온전히 나 자신에게만 집중하는 시간을 갖고 있습니다. 

현재는 선수 및 강사, 하지만 프리다이빙을 배울 당시엔 수영도 못하고 심한 물공포증이 있었다면 믿겨지시나요? 누구에게나 처음은 있기 마련이죠. 온전히 나에게만 집중하는 새로운 경험을 즐기다보면, 어느새 누구보다 그 순간을 만끽하고 계실거예요! 여러분은 그저 저를 믿고 따라와주시기만 하면 된답니다.

바닷속은 여러분이 생각하는 것보다 훨씬 편안한 곳일지도 몰라요!


If you’d like to break away from your daily grind, why don’t you try ‘freediving’? It's amazing how all your thoughts and worries become silent underwater. I was always comparing myself to others but since I started freediving I could fully focus on the real me. Now I am an experienced freediving athlete and instructor but would you believe me if I told you that I used to swim like a brick and I even had waterphobia? You could be very surprised of what you can do after your first try. I can assure you that you will enjoy yourself to the fullest while being completely focused and silent underwater. All you need to do is just trust me and follow along. The ocean is more peaceful than you think!

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