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1590 USD


"I spent at O.P. two months to become an instructor, what a great place and people! Yoram the owner is a French national champion multi-record holder with more then seventeen years of experience, who better than him to learn from. "

           -Dario, Italie


You might want to bring your freediving passion one step further and to start helping others to discover their potential in freediving. Becoming an Instructor is a rewarding challenge that takes your freediving – and potentially your life – to a level beyond.


You will learn how to teach freediving, to develop and improve your technical skills as a role model and learn more safety skills. AIDA Freediving Instructor is a professional status, recognized worldwide.​

To become a certified AIDA INSTRUCTOR, you will be required to perform a 4 minute breath-hold, swim 90m underwater with fins and dive to 40m in the open water.

Price: 1590 USD (7/9 days)

AIDA Instructor Crossover course: 990 USD (5 days)



Highly recommended: As an Instructor candidate, you will have the possibility to assist and practice teaching under our instructors supervision during your internship. We recommend minimum 4 weeks internship and training to get experience in both teaching and building your freediving abilities. Please contact us for more details.

Course led by Yoram Zekri – AIDA Instructor Trainer

Prerequisite certification: AIDA 4 or equivalent

Course Length: 7 to 9 days depending of students number (from 9.00 to 17.00)

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