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from 30 USD


"Thank you for sharing your knowledge, I learned a lot of things and wish I had taken this course years ago"

   - Gian-Luca, Australia


You have been freediving for some time now or have just finished a freediving course and what you need now is to perfect your technique and adapt your body at depth in a safe and controlled environment.


Are you planning to come to Bali for a deep training session? Or are you planning to train as Master Class before your AIDA 4 or Instructor course?

We can train you while giving you tips and suggestions on how to improve your existing abilities and organize your training facilities, offering you packages ranging from one dive to a few weeks of training camp.

A coached dive usually starts with 20 minutes of specific stretching and then one hour and half of training in water. All our trainings are led by one of our experienced instructors

We can coach you for open water training or for pool training in our amazing 25 meters long swimming pool.


All our Coach Dives include all equipment you need and our packages are valid for a full year.



1 Coached Dive: 60 USD

5 Coached dives: 250 USD

10 Coached Dives: 400 USD

20 Coached Dives: 600 USD

Private 1 on 1 coaching: 180 USD

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