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For beginners up to professional surfers

 190 USD


"I thought the course was fantastic. Exactly what I needed and expected."

- Nicholas S, Australia

 171 USD


Surfing is a way of life. We love the waves but sometimes they don't exactly love us back - but in true surfer style we keep going back for more because it is addictive. Negotiating waves requires stamina, endurance and a certain amount of grunt. However learning key techniques to improve your breath-hold and relaxation when in the water, along with improving your core strength will assist in massive surf experiences whilst enjoying a safer ride.

Yoram Zekri, founder of Ocean Prana, has taught Surf Breathing and survival workshops extensively throughout Tahiti and Australia for the past two decades, including training world class surfers KELLY SLATER and MANOA DROLLET. Ocean Prana's team welcomes all surfers and lifesavers to our Surf & Lifesaving Survival Workshop, which will ultimately equip you with the best techniques to feel more relaxed when caught under waves. Enjoy your workshop!

  • Minimum Age: 12

  • Open Water 

  • Theory session, advanced breathing workshop, pool Training.


Course Content Will Cover:

  • Safety first

  • The physiology and principles of breathing

  • Advanced breathing technique

  • Psychology & relaxation

  • Training for surfers



All our courses include all equipment you need.

Price: 190 USD


Course Length: One Day (from 9.00 to 17.00)

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